Building a search function with DataTables plugin (VII)


From my experience some Notes may contain a lot of columns (not sure what the limit is?) and represented on the web, often users need so see the same amount of columns. So what do you do then?

Column visibility to the rescue!

Part of the buttons module is the column visibility. This requires to load an additional resource:


Also remember here to disable AMD loading.

From here it is quiet easy to have the visibility option available as a button in the ‘button bar’. Just add the colvis option in the configuration.

In case you want to result of (in)visibility of columns represented in any export option you need to specify the exportOptions property for the buttons e.g. as followed:

buttons: [
extend: ‘pdfHtml5’,
orientation: ‘landscape’,
pageSize: ‘LEGAL’,
title: ‘Person Details’
extend: ‘print’,
exportOptions: {
columns: ‘:visible’


As a result a new button is presented and when clicked you can choose which column to make (in)visible:


column API

In case you do not want to present a button, but for example anchor links the column API comes at help.

Here is a sample how to register change in a column visibility when clicking an anchor:

$(‘a.toggle-vis’).on( ‘click’, function (e) {
var db = $(“#persons”).DataTable();

// Get the column API object
var column = db.column( $(this).attr(‘data-column’) );

// Toggle the visibility
column.visible( ! column.visible() );
} );

And here is the HTML for presenting the anchors:

Column visibility:FirstnameLastnameCompanyJob title

Finally the end result. Ofcourse you can be creative with CSS for the anchor links, adding different layout for each column state. Be creative!


In another post I will describe how you can accomplish something similar in Xpages with a viewpanel (with a bit of more code)…

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