context.getProperty(‘xsp.resources.aggregate’).equals(‘…’) working for resource and not resources definition

In a previous post I described a problem when implementing Font Awesome in conjunction with the Use runtime optimized JavaScript and CSS resources XSP property. The solution can be summarized as followed:

  • – Move the @font-face part in the font-awesome.min.css into 2 new CSS e.g.


  • adapt for minified version the paths to the fonts e.g.


  • load in a Theme design element the correct version based upon your XSP property setting:

context.getProperty(‘xsp.resources.aggregate’).equals(‘…’)   //true or false

This works for a resource definition but apparently not for a resourceS definition.

The following code

<resources rendered=”#{javascript:context.getProperty(‘xsp.resources.aggregate’).equals(‘false’)}”>
<resources rendered=”#{javascript:context.getProperty(‘xsp.resources.aggregate’).equals(‘true’)}”>

will load both files in optimized / non optimized runtime. Perhaps IBM can fix this?

2 thoughts on “context.getProperty(‘xsp.resources.aggregate’).equals(‘…’) working for resource and not resources definition

  1. Jesse Gallagher 2015-October-9 / 3:39 pm

    I believe (and, unfortunately, I don’t have Designer in front of me this morning to test) that it will work if you put the rendered=”” property on the elements.

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