Making my Domino development environment a bit more shiny

Fix Pack 4

Recently IBM announced the Fix Pack 4 release for IBM Notes/Domino. When checking my version of Domino I noticed I was a bit behind and it was time to polish my Domino development environment a bit.

For an ex-administrator / main developer I think it is good practice to keep your (latent) administrator knowledge up to date so you can provide yourself the best possible development conditions (an Domino administrator for Developer dummies whitepaper available somewhere?).

My updates

So this is what I did:

  • Installed the Fix Packs (tip)
  • Started the Server Controller (reference)(tip)
  • Installed some plugins for my browser (Postman)
  • Set up Directory Assistance (reference)
  • Set up to run some tasks/agents scheduled via a Program document (example)
  • Customized the login form with a Bootstrap UI (example)
  • And last but not least updated some plugins from OpenNTF (serve yourself)

With this I am a bit more up to date for the next x-months.


I guess your development environment is state of the art and better than mine. That is why I would like to hear how your environment looks like or the suggestions you have.

Like a mentioned before, I am not aware if there is some kind of whitepaper available for developers who like to setup a Domino development environment, or a Domino Administration guide for dummies. I once heard a good man talking about such initiative but I wonder if that ever came to light?

Administration became fancy?

Since when became Domino Administration fancy I wondered after visiting this site? Nevertheless a great initiative.

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