Single Page Application tutorial

After watching the video on YouTube on the Single Page Application wizard I became curious and decided to take a test and mobilize an application myself. I choose the infamous “fake names” application for this.

I have written a blog article/tutorial about it. Here you can read it: ‘Single Page Application Wizard‘.


With the Single Page Application control you can rapidly mobilize a Notes application. The wizard is intuitive although you need to understand some basics of mobile development.

Unfortunately the wizard is not complete and forces you to apply some coding.

Infinite Scroll

The infiniteScroll property for a Data View control is enabled by default in the Singe Page Application. This great new feature allows users to fetch new rows of data by scrolling down the list.

You are almost stupid if you disable this feature.


  • Ability to apply basic CRUD Tab Bar Buttons to a Document Viewer Application Page.
  • On a Document Viewer page it would be easier to add fields instead of removing most of all the fields that would otherwise be applied by default. In mobile apps the number of fields you want to display is probably less than in a Notes client application.
  • Ability to re-open the wizard after you have pressed ‘Finish’.
  • It would be great to have message popups when a user performs an action that he/she is not allowed to do. At the current stage there is default no mechanism for this. Examples: “You are not authorized to perform this action”, “You have insufficient access rights”.




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