Local development environment

I needed to setup a new development environment because we moved recently from Windows XP to Win7 (yihaa! I am a corporate developer). Because my ‘closest to administrator’ like co-developer (an ex-admin who we have convinced to development!) is on parental leave I had to clear the job myself. This is how far I came so far:

  • Virtualbox machine
  • Virtual hard drive of 25 GB; will probably create a new clone from this machine for each new project
  • OS: win7
  • IBM Domino 9.0.1 Social Edition (hurrah!)
  • IBM Notes 9.0.1 SE (hurrah hurrah!) Administrator/Designer/Notes clients

Notes installation

I could not find quickly a proper guideline how to setup a Domino server on a local PC. In case you happen to know one I invite you to share it. Or you may write a new one from scratch of course. You do not really need one, but guidance feels always comfortable.

After the installation I launched the server. When completed I could access the server via HTTP ( or localhost).

Unfortunately the IBM Domino Console program is unable to connect to the server (message: Either the server controller is not running on host admin-PC or is not listening on port 2050). :-/

When completed I launched the Administrator client to alter the server configuration. I was unable to open the server by name e.g. dev1/acme. From a late administrator experience I remember that updating the host file on your OS make your local server better traceable. So I added        dev1/quintessens #notes clients        dev1.quintessens.com #web browser clients

This did the job for me.

Later I read on stackoverflow not to install the Designer client under program files. Not sure why but I can always re-install it.

Domino administration

If you want to have a short introduction on administering a local Domino development server I suggest you read the following post: The blagger’s guide to XPages Domino administration. Always nice to know some server console commands.


For now this local development environment seems to work for me.

I have not setup mail-routing yet but it would be nice to have (local) mail routing available for a couple of test users.

Would be nice to have the server console program working though.



One thought on “Local development environment

  1. Paul Withers (@PaulSWithers) 2014-January-8 / 2:56 pm

    By using the Network setting of Bridged Adapter, checking the IP address assigned to the VM (ipconfig in command prompt) and adding an entry in my hosts file, I was able to connect from my PC to the VM. Nathan Freeman kindly talked me through cross-certifying a standalone Domino server so you can use your main development (or other) Notes ID on it, and I’d recommend that, if you haven’t found the blog post already http://www.intec.co.uk/making-your-local-domino-server-work-like-you-want/

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