Domino Blog support tip: do not use/allow apostrophes in the Page Name field

I experienced a bit of blaming and naming today. A customer “announced” that commenting in the IBM(?) Domino Blog Template had stopped working and the counters were not correct.

It appeared that the Page Name field (shows when you select the Show Advanced link in the Notes client) had inherited the apostrophe(s) used in the Subject field. Normally these apostrophes are removed by the following input translation formula:

@ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(pagename;”?”:”&”:”@”:”£”:”$”:”%”:”^”:”<“:”>”:”*”:”/”:”‘”:”#”:”~”:”(“:”)”:”+”:”=”:”!”:”;”:”\””:”:”:”,”:”|”:”\\”;””);”–“:” – “:” “;”-“);” – “:”–“:”—“;”-“)


For some reason this function has stopped working in the application concerned.

The Page Name field is used on the comment form in the action property:



Comment documents are still being created, but the relation ($REF) to the parent article/blog post can not be computed.

I hope this will help you in supporting the Domino blog.

Good news is that rumors say that IBM will soon replace this dated “traditional” template with a brand new XPages based version 😉 




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