Correct content-type

I received a call that an ‘aged’ Domino application was causing problems in IE9. Stylesheets documents created by a form were not strict text/css but text/html instead.



Even though the On Web Access Content-type form properties were set correct.

After some digging & trying I ran into the following post that solved the case:

I normally use a simple document for stylesheets and JavaScript libraries in Notes. The form has a field for the “filename” (e.g. my_lib.js) and a field for the data. Until now I had been using a richtext field called HTML for the contents and changed the Content-Type on the form properties as appropriate (text/javascript, text/css etc.). This was working nicely until I created a page using the Strict XHTML DOC-TYPE.

It became an issue because Firefox requires that the Content-Type is text/css for stylesheets when rendering in Strict mode. Otherwise the stylesheet wont be used. Using the Live HTTP Headers extension for Firefox I saw that Domino kept setting the Content-Type to text/html even though the form properties was set to text/css.

Changing the richtext field name from HTML to Body solved the problem. Apparently Domino will not honor the specified Content-Type when the form has a field called HTML.

Indeed: One of those things in Domino…

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