7 thoughts on “Name change

  1. Henning Heinz 2012-November-20 / 2:39 pm

    I am wondering what benefit you expect from dropping the Domino name from your blog?

    • Patrick Kwinten 2012-November-20 / 3:02 pm

      Initially don’t make a differentiation what technology is chosen, however in reality for web development XPages is the preferred choice (for the moment).

      How many users know the difference between Notes and Domino? For users Notes = mostly client and web.

      This blog covers Notes client and web (Domino and XPages). I guess the confusion between the technologies is already created by IBM 😉

      • Henning Heinz 2012-November-20 / 3:25 pm

        I never had a problem with the various names. People call it the Notes server but I am fine with that. And those who don’t know the difference between Domino and Notes don’t care about XPages either. For them this is all just Notes (to be honest even Lotus Notes). But dropping (brand) names is en vogue at the moment.
        I am now going to restart my Notes server 😉

  2. Erik Brooks 2012-November-20 / 3:06 pm

    Um, the server is still named “IBM Domino.” Not sure why you would drop “Domino”.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2012-November-20 / 4:06 pm

      Where did the name Domino came from? Nowadays is often associated with pizza’s.

      Notes makes more sense to me, maybe they should have called in Notes Server in stead of Domino.

      If they have to do it over again would IBM choose Domino again?

      • Henning Heinz 2012-November-20 / 4:27 pm

        Afaik Domino was the internal project name (like Hannover for the first Eclipse client). There already was a Notes server (and it was called Notes server) but the “Domino” release added all those new web capabilities. At that time they thought it would be better to not just call it Notes Server Next. Would they do it again? I don’t know.
        I do like the name but there is no Domino’s pizza in Germany (I am not sure they exist outside of the US at all).
        Some years ago Domino’s pizza was even a Notes shop. Maybe they still are. I don’t know.

      • Patrick Kwinten 2012-November-21 / 7:48 am

        “Notes and Domino” is for me “Tårta på tårta”, what the Swedish would say, something that’s redundant or too much of a good thing.

        Therefore “Kwintessential Notes” =)

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