Zähme den Tiger – Java entwicklung in Notes & Domino


Today I read this presentation by Bernd Hort held at EntwicklerCamp 2012. Judging fromthe different presentations this sounds like a excellent conference!

This was a nice opportunity to rehearse my German. In case your German is not so good I recommend to listen to a couple of albums of these guys and you will do just fine =)

The presentation can be divided into 2 parts:

  • A general introduction to the Java language.
  • Java in Notes & Domino in details.

Introduction Java language

A nice introduction to the language. More details I found in the jumpstart Eating the elephant.

Java in Lotus Notes & Domino

This section is divided into:

  • Applets
  • Agents
  • Servlets
  • Standalone applications
  • XPages
  • Plugins
  • Other


If you are interested in writing applets The View has published plenty of articles about this.


  • Similar to LotusScript agents.
  • Only back-end documents.
  • Notes:
    • Scheduled agents.
  • Web:
    • WebQueryOpen / WebQuerySave.

Also here check The View knowledge database to find articles on Java agents.


Also a walk through memory lane…

  • Advantage in comparison to Java agents is than once the servlet is initiated the second call is much faster.

Standalone applications

Read: Java access to the Domino Objects (DeveloperWorks)


Lots of examples of Java with XPages here (setup folder structure, import jar files, notes.ini variables, writing Java classes from Package explorer…)


  • Web services
  • OSGI tasklets ( Java based server tasks)


Another great presentation on Java in Notes & Domino. However most parts are also discovered in the other presentations I described earlier. Nevertheless recommended to read (if you like German).


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