More Java on my road ahead…


Like so many Notes developers I have read a lot about Java as I should like some experts say or claim. However I never have been in the situation that I have dealt a lot with Java in development projects or I have chosen for other technologies (SSJS, LotusScript, Flash) to work around/avoid making Java an integrated technology in my projects.

I have no reason to question any good intentions of these experts so I decided to pick up the glove and study Java development from a DDE 8.5.3/XPages perspective.

In this blog I write my approach, hopefully it will help me (and others) understand if I should make Java part of my development skills in XPages and the promoted way to do this. I especially will look to easiness, quick wins, quality improvements, benefits and new opportunities.

Job market

As other Notes developers I am a bit concerned about my opportunities on the job market. I do not see so many ‘explicit’ demands after Notes or XPages developers. Including Java will broader my perspective is my assumption. If so, this will help making me become a ‘true believer’ =)


Maybe it is good to understand my technical background. I have been working for a long time +10 years in Notes Domino development, written with @Formula/@Function, LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML and recently XPages numerous applications both for the Notes client as for the Web browser.

I have followed some JAVA education. I have followed once a course how to write Java Servlets and use them in Agents (R5, Appligate I believe). A year ago I attended a course ‘Coding better Java’. Long ago I have read the Domino Development with Java book, remember that one? Off course I have also read the Head First Java book.

I also gave support to a large application that used Java in a couple of agents which I found the code easy to understand.


So you can say I basically understand the technology but this is most from a theoretical perspective. Since I am working mostly in XPages projects the last 3 years I am have been looking for tutorials or course-ware that could convince me to jump on the Java bandwagon. I found the following course ‘Java 1 for XPages Development (link)’ but I am doubtful how much this will help me using Java instead of it is focussing on Java in general?

Off course it is highly appreciated in case you know a resource that can help me along the way. While I am considering the offering from TLCC I decided to dive into my collection of presentations from events (The View, Lotusphere) I have attended or received from colleagues.

Study material

Below is a list of the material I went through and found relevant to spend time on. I will review each one of them.

I have presentations from previous events, mostly from Lotusphere and The View. I will include them in my study later. In case you have a tip for a resource that is not in the list above, please let me know.

I will also include some webinar or video material, simply because it saves me time and they are easy to consume. Here is a list of items I have looked at:

If you have contributions to complete this video-list, please let me know.

Let’s get started!

Okey I guess it is time to take the red pill now.

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Specialized in IBM Collaboration Services since 1997. Main focus is XPages and Connections development. Other interests: travelling, culture, skiing & cooking.

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10 comments on “More Java on my road ahead…
  1. Good luck! I guess I’m facing the same struggles here.

  2. Wow, Patrick doing backend stuff, sky must be falling down :P
    Have fun, and note that contract work for Java experts is way better than for Domino :)

    • hi Vince, yes it may seem like I am looking for additional work (u know the work-horse I am, duh!)

      I guess with XPages backend stuff enables front-end stuff much more than it used to be. Pushing the boundaries ;-)

      As long as you do not touch the front-end I have nothing to worry about you then =)

      Sad to hear that Domino work is bad compares to other technologies, but hey what did you expect when you have IBM in the Netherlands that say it is so hard for them to sell Notes…

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  4. @Vince You might be right! Question: do you promote yourself as Notes specialist or Java specialist or a combination of both? Or just what is best in the situation?

    At the moment I have no real good title (maybe the existing one is also not the most catchy one). Let me think about “KXC – Kwinten XPages Consultancy” =)

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  6. […] presentation was not on my initial ‘to-study list’ so I will add it there. The presentation was held by Russel Maher at the MWLUG […]

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