New release of Bildr released =)

Today I released a new version of my xpages playground aka Bildr (4.01 so never mind the bugs) on OpenNTF (link).

Beside the following ‘small media campaign’:


and this blog-post we’ll see how people pick up this new release.

What’s new?

Extension Library

Personally I have been working quite a while now with the extension library, and now I have implemented this more in the application:

  • Application Layout control
  • Data view control
  • Widget control
  • Outline control
  • Mobile controls


Mobile interface

This is not the first Notes application I have mobilized. Maybe the ‘modular’ approach makes the mobile interface of interest for other developers.

The applications contains a subset of reusable custom controls to setup quickly a mobile interface for ANY Notes database.

I assume that mostly you want to display View information in a mobile app, so custom controls for a flat and a categorized view enable you to quickly mobile multiple Notes views.

Also the mobile interface contains custom controls to define splashscreen, bookmark icon and more stuff like that to build a more complete mobile Notes app.

Less design elements

Less is more we assume. Especially if you have an application that was built over more than one version of Notes (8.0x, 8.51, 8.53) and where more one developer has contributed, your design tend to become a bit inefficient. Introducing the Extension Library also made it possible to reduce the number of design elements by using ‘out of the box’ controls e.g. tag cloud control and  layout control.

OneUI v2.1

OneUI is dead, long live the new oneUI! (probably we will shout this out loud soon again).


Upgrade or start from scratch?

If you are a current user of Bildr I would not dare to simple upgrade the application design. You can try, I haven’t (due to lack of time).

Start with a new DB from scratch will work fine =)

Which enhancements to expect?

In the next release I would like to add some missing functionality e.g. rating, geolocation with Google maps v3. If possible I would like to further eliminate the number of design elements, remove old code.

Ideas can be posted here:

For now I will relax the next couple of evenings and work on my real-world social life =)

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