New release of Viewr on OpenNTF

Awrighty, just before the weekend I managed to squeeze out some work that had landed on the shelf. It’s a new version of the Viewr application I have submitted to OpenNTF.

Main changes for this app is the implementation of Oneui v2.11 and the extension library (as part of the upgrade pack 1).

The app needs some more work (I started with a mobile interface which is not finished yet, maybe in a 2.1 version). Ofcourse you are free to submit your contributions to the project 😉

Nevertheless enjoy. At least I did while learning OneUI v2.11 and the Extension library!


3 thoughts on “New release of Viewr on OpenNTF

  1. albertbuendia 2012-April-28 / 6:59 pm

    Looking the the screenshots, I like a lot the new interface. Can’t wait to play with it ! Patrick, excellent job.

  2. Ravi 2012-August-31 / 9:25 pm

    Hello Patrick,
    Thanks for the updated version. Any specific reason why galleria with slider was removed from the 2.02 version on openntf. The HTML5 version is great. 2 points I noted were, mplayer.png was missing from files and and the autostart for the video does not work.

  3. Patrick Kwinten 2012-September-3 / 8:33 am

    I removed galleria to have a cleaner (core) application. if you want a slider i guess it’s better you add one yourself.

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