New OpenNTF project released: LinkedIn Controls

I have released a new project on OpenNTF called LinkedIn Controls. The goal for this project is to deliver plugins to LinkedIn in the form of reusable custom controls.

With this you should be able to easily ‘linkify’ an XPages application. For example you can extend the discussion database with calls to linkedin (members, companies).

Ultimate goal would be to make mash-up applications for LinkedIn with XPages. We’ll see how for we will come…

2 thoughts on “New OpenNTF project released: LinkedIn Controls

  1. Tim Tripcony 2012-March-16 / 10:20 pm

    Looks great, Patrick! Perhaps this might be a good addition to the XSP Starter Kit as well…

  2. Niklas Heidloff 2012-March-19 / 8:48 am

    Thanks Patrick. Sounds promising. Will take a look soon.

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