Crash course application layout control

I am working on a small project that should deliver a web application to support online marketing campaigns. The application will provide different types of content (e.g. pages, video, images, forum, agenda). For most of these items I have found custom controls on OpenNTF or in the Extension Library.

For the layout I have choosen the Application Layout control from the Extension Library. Thomas Adrian showed a wizard function in version 8.5.3 but unfortunately our environment is still on 8.5.2.

There is a video available from OpenNTF how to use the Application Layout control. However if that goes too fast for you (I guess most people) on Michelle’s Universe (2,3)I found a couple of posts that give you some more to read.

Finally I found the wiki article: AD116 XPages Extension Library: Making Application Development Even Easier which contains the code for setting up a layout design definition.

In case you know a better resource that describes the Application Layout control then you are welcome to drop a link here… =)


2 thoughts on “Crash course application layout control

  1. Tim Tripcony 2011-November-14 / 10:58 pm

    It’s not available yet (except for pre-order), but there’s a book on the way that includes an entire chapter just on how to get the most out of the Application Layout control:

    Full disclosure: I’m biased about it being an authoritative source, because I wrote that chapter. 😉

    • Patrick Kwinten 2011-November-15 / 9:31 am

      hej Tim,

      the fact that you wrote the chapter will give the audience confidence, that’s for sure 😉

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