Domino blog template – automatic page name

I started a discussion on OpenNTF on the project place for the Domino Blog template: (link)

I would expect that the setting would create a bit more user-friendly url’s but somehow this feature does not seem to work as expected. Has anyone a clue why this does not work on my blog app? It seems to work for others

I notice e.g. for Swedish names including öäå the usage of user initials could cause problems using the default page name syntax generation…

2 thoughts on “Domino blog template – automatic page name

  1. Chris Miller 2011-October-3 / 7:11 pm

    I am going to bet that the special characters mess it up. Works great on mine

  2. Kalle Dettner 2011-November-24 / 12:02 am

    Strange!? We don’t have that problem in the Swedish blog, even with åäö. See link –>äl-inte-missat-att-vi-ger-bort-kursmaterialet-som-är-en-introduktion-till-xpages

    We use the same setting as you in content creation apart from the check box “append .htm” that we don’t use. Maybe that’s the problem?

    The page name you’re talking about on Open.ntf (E.g 2011-10-03161912PKWJT5.htm) is the default name of the page and it always change to the same name as the subject, formatted in the same way as mentioned above.

    Anyway…give me a call if you want to compare settings or something.

    // Kalle

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