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New Extension Library (8.5.3) and mixed environments

More an more people are embracing the Extension Library for 8.5.3. I have posted a question on the project page on OpenNTF. I am wondering how much an upgrade will affect all clients? (server, designer, normal user) Do I have

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New OpenNTF contribution: ccFlickrBomb

Last Friday I had some spare hours left before calling it a week so started a new, simple project on OpenNTF called ccFlickrBomb: flickrBomb provides an easy way for you to rapidly fill your prototypes with relevant content, and not

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FindFirstElement(RTELEM_TYPE_TABLE) not always working

We have a rather large instalment base of a Notes application to publish webpages. Documents are created in Notes and viewed in a web browser. From a user perspective it is quiet normal to select content from a website and paste it

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Domino blog template – automatic page name

I started a discussion on OpenNTF on the project place for the Domino Blog template: (link) I would expect that the setting would create a bit more user-friendly url’s but somehow this feature does not seem to work as expected. Has anyone

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I am Patrick Kwinten. I am a IBM Notes Domino Product Specialist since 1996. With this blog I am trying to give my contribution to the community.

The posts in this blog project my personal opinions, not the company I work for.

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