Admin question: Does $$ReturnAuthorizationFailure works with session based authentication?

I tried to implement a custom web authentication error page  on application level based on these guidelines: link.

Unfortunately, the custom $$ReturnAuthorizationFailure form never appears when accessing a document I did not have access to. Instead the default error page is being displayed.

I found a discussion on the ND 4/5 forum:

Is it possible to use custom forms when using session based authentication? (link)

One answer says Yes, the other says No. Which one is correct?


7 thoughts on “Admin question: Does $$ReturnAuthorizationFailure works with session based authentication?

  1. Mark Leusink 2011-September-28 / 1:50 pm

    Hi Patrick,

    I’m not sure if $$ReturnAuthorizationFailure should work when using session authentication, but you might try creating “Error & Response Form Mappings” in the domcfg.nsf database.


    • Patrick Kwinten 2011-September-28 / 2:41 pm

      Hoi Mark,

      Another thing, I expected that the $$ReturnDocumentDeleted form would appear when I try to access a document that has landed in a soft deletions view.

      Instead the $$ReturnGeneralError form appears (when it exists).

      Pre- XPages stuff…

  2. Lars Berntrop-Bos 2011-September-29 / 8:23 am

    domcfg.nsf is also pre-XPages…

  3. Aron van der Hijden 2014-October-29 / 12:08 pm

    Hi Patrick,

    Actually I’m currently testing this. I can’t get it to work with session based authentication. Not even with the Form mappings in domcfg.nsf.
    $$ReturnAuthorizationFailure works fine when session authentication is disabled. It shows the right forms with any login/authentication issues.
    Can’t find any workaround that works. I’m on Lotus Domino (r) Server (Release 7.0.3 for Windows/32).

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