Nest-y tables in Lotus Notes

Today appeared an incident on my desk. A customer has problems with the number of nested tables in a rich text field.

It is unclear how they landed in the situation because if I nest some tables in my mail I get the warning:

Nevertheless the customer has a problem that needs to be fixed so I wonder what my options are?

  • Copy the rich text in a memo document and hope for the best that the number of nested tables is equal or less than the maximum number of 8
  • Find a tricky way to navigate through the rich text, grab the table with more than 8 levels and cut off a couple of layers of nested tables untill the maximum number and copy it in a memo document

I guess the last approach is the best one, but the most complicated.

How do you handle exceedings of nested tables?

Link of interest: Idea on IdeaJam.


2 thoughts on “Nest-y tables in Lotus Notes

  1. John Jardin 2011-September-12 / 10:47 am

    Hi Patrick. Sadly, I have not yet found a way around this issue, but I’ve only ever experienced it when trying to copy HTML into a Rich Text Field.

    We identified the issue in a Helpdesk System, where users selected a Web Page, and then tried to paste the selection in the RT Field of a Helpdesk Entry.

    I pretty much did as you stated above to resolve the issue.

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