VIIA – Very important import agent

Today I received a request from a customer for an addition in a Notes template we offer as a ‘standardized solution’. The customer asks for an agent to import documents from another Notes database into a databases that uses this ‘standard template’.

A great compliment for our developers since our template seems to be competitive with another solution!

Since the number of databases that contain documents that must migrate is not so large I feel little to grant this request but I am interested in a more ‘universal approach’ for an import function. A function where a database administrator himself can define the field-mapping and run the import task.

Question: Are you aware of such a function somewhere freely available?

I am thinking about a limited set of design elements I can add to the template and make available under an administrative panel.

Thanks in advance!

7 thoughts on “VIIA – Very important import agent

  1. Patrick Picard 2011-August-29 / 2:11 pm

    Chris Toohey had an import tool from csv/excel. Its one of the apps he sells for $5 or so.

  2. Simon O'Doherty 2011-August-29 / 4:31 pm

    Solutions above are better. But built in option is to export fields via a vew to CSV.

    Then create an IND file to remap the data to the new database.

    Alternatively DXL and XLST.

  3. Heinrich Mueller 2011-August-30 / 4:11 pm

    There was a great solution by Damien Katz for moving design elements. It was in the (now archived) Lotus Sandbox
    But may be you find it here now:

    I don’t know what changes they made on OpenNTF but it was created there by Johan Kanngard who actually had won the openNTF Development Contest 🙂

  4. Mathias 2011-September-11 / 7:16 am

    Also you have Sentinel Data Integrator from MaySoft already at your office… As onetime migration tool its easy to setup a new job and run… But unfortunatly a developer needs to be involved…

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