Thoughts after a long summer vacation

Although it is still summer, vacation is over (except a quick visit to the Netherlands later this month).

Besides camping, MTB-ing, swimming, reading, laughing, enjoying and other sorts of fun activities I have also been thinking about what to do when getting back in the office. Having work-mail on my mobile also got me working a little while relaxing (thanks Traveler).

I fear my time is again limited. I noticed that I have not been contributing much on this site. I started using Google+ as a test for streaming some thoughts. I am still uncertain about it (too many sources, too little to broadcast).

I would like to lift the following apps (Bildr)(Viewr) to the next level. I received some requests for other apps that I would like to post on OpenNTF also. One thing that holds me back of spending too much time on this is that it does not return me any cent. It just costs time and as head of a family it is hard to argue spending time on something that does not pay the bill(s).

I hope the next thing OpenNTF will focus on is to define a mechanism that would allow developers to make an extra buck. I do not see so many new projects (complete apps) started or ongoing development on existing projects.

What are your plans after the summer?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts after a long summer vacation

  1. Cary Garcia 2011-August-8 / 5:09 pm

    At what point do we stop doing a hobby or something we like because we feel we’re not getting our return on investment? I’ve asked myself that plenty of times too. Granted I don’t have the pressures you have as a head of household, but the question persists all the same.

    After summer I’m planning to start on my “leisure syllabus”. Reading all the books I felt too guilty to spend time reading while I was still in college. First up: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

  2. Sam Bridegroom (@sambridegroom) 2011-August-8 / 6:03 pm

    I agree with you – while we create for the fun/challenge of it, there should be a way to reap some form of reward for those efforts.

    I personally see no issues with having something like a “tip jar” – via Amazon, PayPal or some other mechanism – to accept donations/contributions for anyone’s efforts. If an app meets a need and can drastically shortcut my development time (and Viewr falls into this category for me right now), I’ve got no issue giving back. My guess is that a good bit of the Notes/Domino community wouldn’t argue.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2011-August-13 / 11:43 am

      a tip jar or paypal is a good incentive.

      dont get me wrong I do not need to create a living out of it but would be nice to say to the little kid ‘this MTB bike daddy earned for you on OpenNTF’ =)

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