New project on OpenNTF – Viewr

I have created a new project on OpenNTF named ‘Viewr’. The application allows to distribute movies across your network using JWPLayer.

Some part of the code has already been submitted to OpenNTF via a custom control. But now you have it in a working application!

Please be aware of the license model for JWPLayer and that there are commercial licenses for the LongTail Video products. Luckily the prices are not that harsh.

The application has never been in real use in my organization and is therefor not widely tested. I am curious about your experiences and feedback.

I also would like to invite developers to participate in the project. For example a limited set of formats are allowed for upload. It would be much user friendly to have automatic conversion in place in the background.

Also thumbnails have to be uploaded by users themsselves and the duration time is a manual input.

I have no idea if this project will make it as long as my Bildr project, but we will see. My available time to work on these projects is limited.

Nevertheless: enjoy!


3 thoughts on “New project on OpenNTF – Viewr

  1. Niklas Heidloff 2011-July-4 / 6:43 am

    Thanks Patrick. Time to update your right sidebar with all the new projects have contributed recently 🙂

  2. Abby Butts 2011-August-12 / 3:38 pm

    This is a great app! I am hoping to use it to meet some video management needs for my company. What resolution do the photos need to be in to display properly. I tried the 120×90 as suggested on the form but they are still grainy and hard to see.

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