Application connections

Yesterday I broadcasted a presentation I wrote that describe all the Notes applications we have that guide developers in their development projects. Think about applications in the following categories:

  • Standards / Guidelines
  • Templates
  • Components
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Knowledge
  • IBM resources
  • Project
  • Registries
I was pointed by a colleague of the existence of an application that was not listed.
The database contain documents that describe the relationship from 1 design element in an application with another design element in another Notes application. At the moment the registration is a manual process so we had a discussion how much business value it would have to have all connections for all applications in our domain registered?
Another question that rose:
How to get those connections? A connection can be in @Formula, LotusScript, JavaScript, Java, Text (as in HTML) etcetera. Would there be scripts available (free, commercial) who can do this job? Are there products/services who deliver the same information?
Is there a common desire in your organisation for these kind of information and how did you solve it?

3 thoughts on “Application connections

  1. Stephan H. Wissel 2011-June-22 / 4:27 am

    Talk to Ethan Castell in Syndney – he might have just the solution you are looking for.

  2. Lars Berntrop-Bos 2011-June-24 / 4:19 pm

    Great idea! Would love to use such a tool in my environment!

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