Spring Bildr

I did a little bit of coding this weekend and the results you can find in the new release of Bildr which you can find here: link. Screenshots you can find here: link.

So what is new for this release? Not so much except that I have tied the different items in the app a bit more together.



Using Teamroom 8.5.2 – recommended documentation?

I am currently looking at the 8.5.2 Teamroom template and if it will fit well in our application portfolio. Getting the application up and running is not a problem. Allthough I have noticed some technical problem areas the information I am more interested in is about:

  • The purpose of the application. What is it’s objective and how we should position the application in our portfolio.
  • How should the application be setup and what are the options?
  • How can daily users use the application, what is in it, what are the options to use it?

A lot of information on Teamroom is available on the web, but not all is of recent date or distributed by IBM. For example:

Unfortunately such information is not shipped with the template. In case you know where I can find good, more recent information please drop a reference here.

Spotlight function – Binding a panel to a datasource

This post is related to a question I posted on the XPages forum.

For my Bildr app I wanted to create a ‘spotlight area’ on the homepage where an individual image would get highlighted. The image would be randomly selected. I experienced some problems with the view control and repeat control. The question I received from Mark Leusing does exactly what I wanted the function to behave.

Since the solution is so simple I though re-sharing it with some more explanation would be benefitial for all new xpages developers…

First here is what the end result could look like:

In Designer I created a custom control and it’s structure is like this:

One of the panels (the ‘upper’ panel which contains panels with fields, links and computed text items in them) I have connected to a datasource called docRandom:


The setup for the data connection (dataContext) is as followed:

<xp:dataContext var=”docRandom”>
<xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript:var vw:NotesView = database.getView(“$v-pixbyid”);
var numEntries = vw.getEntryCount();
var randomIndex = @Integer( (numEntries-1) * @Random() + 1 );

vw.getNthDocument( randomIndex );

Here I bind to a NotesView and randomly pick a document from that view via the vw.getNthDocument command.

From there I can use docRandom in my fields, links etcetera to collect the data I am interested in.


For those who are already enjoying their weekend I salute!

Bildr release: create albums


Today a new release of Bildr has been made available on OpenNTF. The release has the non-exciting name 3.02 but the application has as nice new feature: the ability to create albums.

The layout of several pages has improved. For example, there is now a separate page to start finding content via tags and more important the category menu and tagcloud have moved from the non-start pages.

You have to start using the extension library if you want like to use Bildr, since the tagcloud is based upon the control from the library.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this release (code, comments, error reports). Especially Mark Leusink who did an amazing job on the album feature.

In case you like the concept of Bildr and you want to contribute with code or ideas you are more than welcome. I have started listing some ‘Help wanted’ documents on the project page. Let Bildr be also for you an opportunity to learn XPages!

Below some screendumps:

Figure: Albums startpage

Figure: Album page

Figure: Adding pictures to an album.

Figure: Tag page