Lotusphere 2011 – Wednesday 2 Feb.

After breakfast I went back straight to bed due to some fever. I managed to recover for some sessions after lunch :-/


Show 107 The datasource session

During this session was demonstrated how new binding can be made to other datasources except Notes documents and views. Very interesting and potential allthough you might wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense when IBM provides a couple of out of the box connections for example RDBMS.

Rated 8



AD306 IBM Lotus SameTime Proxy – A collaborative recipe for success

This was more a developer session for the SameTime proxy and some use cases where highlighted.

Rated 7



BP106 Where is the love? How to get your users fall in love with Lotus Notes.

Because the ST Proxy session next door finished early I took a glimpse at this session (we heard already lots of applause in the other room from this session).

My tip: try to get additional time for improving the user experience when developing new application. Users could be working with them the next 10 years. Also dare to invest in the lifecycle of elder applications by reviving their look  & feel.

Rated 7



Lotusphere 2011 Party

Due to a sickness I did not need to take any roller-coaster after having drinking one beer. What else can I see? For some decent food you do not need to be at an amusement park?

Rated 6

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