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JSF Expression Language (presentation)

Yesterday I participated in an Advanced XPages Workshop by Emvege which was interesting. In the course material was a presentation on the JSF Expression Language which is also available online: link.

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Dojo Cheat Sheet

I guess everyone likes to cheat once in a while. The XPages Cheat Sheet contains a lot of references to Dojo but as expected it is more focused on XPages than on Dojo. There is however a good overview of

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Link: Securing Your Notes Application

Today we discussed to provide a checklist for developers that can help them with auditing the security of their applications. In the Notes/Domino Best Practices: Security checklist there is a reference to: Lotus Education On Demand: Securing Your Notes Application

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Printer-friendly CSS for OneUI?

I have an application which is based heavy on the XPages Framework available on OpenNTF. When printing a document most of the images used for styling disappear. However I would like to provide an even more printer-friendly style-sheet. For example

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Mastering… XPatience

On 29 January I received a confirmation that my Amazon order for Mastering XPages was shipped. What shipped means here I have no idea but from a customer perspective I would expect: “expected to be dropped in your postbox any

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Lotusphere 2011 – Final day

A short summary of today’s activities: Certification Test Lab After breakfast I thought taking an exam and upgrade my certification. The upgrade exam for Notes 8 had quiet some DB2 related questions and I havent used DXL export at all

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Lotusphere 2011 – Wednesday 2 Feb.

After breakfast I went back straight to bed due to some fever. I managed to recover for some sessions after lunch :-/   Show 107 The datasource session During this session was demonstrated how new binding can be made to

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