Bildr 3 point Oh! on XPages dot info

I received a mail from Niklas Heidloff today that he updated the design of Bildr on the demo side of In case you think it’s look great and you wanna try it for your own, you can download it here.


3 thoughts on “Bildr 3 point Oh! on XPages dot info

  1. Mark Leusink 2010-December-22 / 3:33 pm

    Too bad there isn’t a demo-login to view (or use) the uploading feature…

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-22 / 4:41 pm

      uhm, I can login with my OpenNTF ID and upload images… uhm but in step 2 it says it was not able to upload the selected files since no allowed file extensions where defined….

      • Mark Leusink 2010-December-23 / 10:44 am

        You’re right! Should have thought of that. I just assumed I couldn’t login without even trying it. This once proves again: “Assumption is the mother of all f**ups” (an excellent quote from Under Siege 2).

        Looks like Niklas didn’t specify any file extensions to disable the possibility to upload any pictures at all. He probably doesn’t want to have to continuously moderate what everyone is uploading. Perhaps we should include an excplicit images filter in Bildr 🙂

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