Advertising Opportunities on the Site

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Some people seem to have their mouth full of IBM’s dedication and delivery to the Notes/Domino platform. Meanwhile OpenNTF is becoming a circus with banners and stuff while others sit on a front,  prime seat and you may wonder what their contribution actually is.

How many OpenNTF projects do we actually see by these allies? Or may we just be happy about their opinions? Ain’t OpenNTF all about code, applications, plugins and stuff?

Here is a quick summary of a search result:





GROUP Business Software








Turtle Partnership

Vince Schuurman


I bet the results will probably miss some references to actual contributions (see that as an opportunity to improve your exposure).

May we challenge you to scan your Notes application portfolio and promote some of the apps to OpenNTF?

I guess, on behalf of the rest of the OpenNTF users, thank you in advance =)


34 thoughts on “Advertising Opportunities on the Site

  1. Niklas Heidloff 2010-December-15 / 1:05 pm

    Patrick, of course I’m also all for getting more code contributions. As you point out many members have contributed code already. However code is not all you need to run OpenNTF. Hardware and hosting is needed, IP needs to be handled, the sites need to be extended, graphics and videos need to be done, etc. Several of the members help with these, partly less visible, tasks as well.

    The members page is not that visible. Instead we highlight code contributors, e.g. via the featured project of the month and blog entries.

    The advertisement allows us making money which we will spend 100% on OpenNTF, e.g. hopefully marketing activities like development contests. This leads to more code contributions which help the whole community.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-28 / 4:57 pm

      I guess I disturbed some people with this post. Well today I was looking on OpenNTF for some samples and a lot of errors appeared on the site.

      When checking the ideajam that was once created on OpenNTF I looked at the ‘completed’ list and compared it with the ‘popular’ list. So either the list is not being updated/used anymore or not so many popular ideas made it to the site. Fact is that the ideas are dated somewhere July 2009 so I assume not so many ideas are in progress.

  2. Julian Robichaux 2010-December-15 / 3:39 pm

    For the record, I’m an employee of SNAPPS, not Elguji. 🙂

    And at the organizational level, OpenNTF isn’t quite “all about code”. There are a lot of decisions to be made, and a website to operate and maintain. Being an Alliance member doesn’t mean that you have to do a monthly code dump on the site, just that you’re helping to steer the ship.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 4:16 pm

      “I’m an employee of SNAPPS, not Elguji. ”

      whoops, time for a who is who then, or some company reference on projects for those who would liek to have that then…

  3. Declan Lynch 2010-December-15 / 3:42 pm

    You should think about checking facts before you post…

    One of the companies in that list is NOT an IBM Business partner but rather the company that I, and a few others in the Lotus community, work for.

    My OpenNTF stuff doesn’t list the company name, it just lists my name so your search results are skewed, unless you think my contributions to OpenNTF are worthless.

    Also, some of your other search results are a bit messed up also.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 4:20 pm

      you rae right, the search is not accurate, I guess OpenNTF is not qualified to make accurate searches.

      my goal with the post was not to provide such a list.

      and your contributions are far from worthless, I have downloaded some of them, like many others did.

  4. Mark Hughes 2010-December-15 / 3:50 pm

    The 3 posts above have been very nice in explaining that your way off base here with your claims and frankly don’t know what you are talking about. Get some actual peoples names from those companies and then do a search, or ask them what they do to contribute. You will then feel foolish for this post.

    After you do that write a blog post about how you were wrong and then outline what everyone has done to contribute.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 4:15 pm

      like I wrote, in case I have made some mistakes in the list there is an opportunity for those companies to make clear what their contributions are.

      I am not gonna correct the post cause I made clear that the list is not accurate.

      • Mark Hughes 2010-December-15 / 4:40 pm

        so guilty until proven innocent?

        This post doesn’t come across as “please tell me what you have contributed to the site?”

        It comes across as “these people have done nothing to help and are in positions of power and maybe profiting in some way.” Here is a list of everyone, prove you have done nothing wrong.

        You are leveling the charge, the burden of proof is on you not these members who have graciously supported this site.

  5. David Leedy 2010-December-15 / 3:56 pm

    I work for the same company as Declan. While I don’t have a project YET I’ve donated the use of XPages.Info to openNTF which won’t show up on any searches. I also contribute to the community outside of openNTF on occasion.

  6. Bruce Lill 2010-December-15 / 3:59 pm

    I have a couple of contribution and also provide technical support to the site.
    My contributions are not listed under the company name, but since I’m a one man shop they are the same. The benefits out weigh the hassle of having to see a few adds. We are working to have the companies names show on the contributions of their employees.

    OpenNTF is about sharing information and contributing to the community.

  7. Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 4:35 pm

    well the truth lies always somewhere in the middle.

    some people seem to have a lot of time giving their opinions on everything. however on the OpenNTF ‘about’ page (link: you read:

    OpenNTF is devoted to:

    * Enabling groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release them as open source.
    * Providing a framework for the community so that open source applications may be freely distributed, using widely accepted licensing terms.
    * Increasing the quality and quantity of templates, applications and samples that are shared by the community.

    the post is written from a positive perspective with the challenge to evaluate if you have contributed as much as you can or initially intended to contribute.

    it is good to hear that members try to contribute as much as they can or may…

  8. Nathan T. Freeman 2010-December-15 / 5:07 pm

    Patrick, if you don’t like the way operates, join the Alliance and run for the SC. It’s absolutely free. (which is why we’ve started accepting ads to cover operational expenses.)

    If you’d like to know what we’re doing with the trickle of funds that we received for our first banner ad (internet advertising being FAR from lucrative, even with the highly specialized audience we get at OpenNTF,) one example is funding our IP manager, Peter Tanner. One of Peter’s responsibilities is to review project code contributions to ensure that code reuse meets the licensing terms of the original published code, and that contributors have the right to include the code that they put in their projects. This helps prevent individual contributors from getting sued, and the site from being issued a takedown notice by original copyright holders.

    So, for example, Peter might review a project like Buildr, and notice that it incorporates code from other OpenNTF projects, but does not include proper attribution of that original source. He would then contact the owner of that project, and request that the project’s copyright notice be modified to include reference to the original authors’ work, as per the requirements of both the Apache License and the GPL.

    The owner might not respond either, which would force a follow up by Peter, and then possibly an escalation to the IP working group or even the Steering Committee in order to figure out what to do. This might necessitate the formulation of new policies by the Alliance, which requires documentation and publication, and sometimes updates to the project management system itself.

    NONE of this happens for free.

    Most of it is funded by IBM, in the form of paying for people’s salaries. Some of it is funded by the membership, in the form of free services, hardware or bandwidth. Occasionally (but rarely) members donate cash. Sometimes the contribution of a member is simply their time, attention and wisdom in figuring out what’s good for the open source community, and what ensures the long-term growth of

    As the originator of the idea of OpenNTF and co-founder of the site, I am eternally indebted to all of these people for making that dream a reality.

    Recently, the elected leadership of the Alliance, who’s members all joined for free by signing a piece of paper, realized that we could do more to grow OpenNTF if we had the ability to pay for things without having to pass the hat among the members. And for the first time ever, the Alliance now has the colossal sum of $2000 to spend on making OpenNTF better.

    Of course, now we have to make decisions about what to do with that bank-breaking fortune. One proposal is to fund a development contest, and work to give back to the contributors. Another is to pay the legal fees to establish a US-based not-for-profit entity so that we can exist as something more than a loose confederation of people that get on the phone for an hour every couple of weeks. Another is to spend on re-marketing OpenNTF itself to try to reach more of the corporate users of Notes & Domino, since so few enterprise customers even know about the amazing assets they can get for free at the site. Yet another proposal is to fund the building of tools that would better ensure that projects meet intellectual property requirements, so we can keep our contributors from getting their pants sued off.

    All these things are now possibilities, because we agreed to put a graphic in the upper right corner of the website, much like what you’d find at,, or If this causes you stress, I do apologize, but the democratic leadership of the Alliance believes that such a small inconvenience is the best available path to making the platform, the projects and the community more successful. You are welcome to become part of that leadership and find alternative paths at any time.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 6:14 pm

      all understandable

      may we hope OpenNTF will act aesthetic regarding the banners =)

  9. Carl Tyler 2010-December-15 / 6:09 pm

    I’m not sure I really understand the point of this post? You do come across as very bitter though, but your reasons aren’t clear.

    Do you have a dog or a cat? I suggest you stroke it to get rid of some of your stress, it might help you avoid posts like this where you don’t come across in a good light.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 6:16 pm

      this must be a cultural difference, I rather discuss this at a bar @Lotusphere while enjoying a cold beer

  10. Peter Presnell 2010-December-15 / 6:30 pm

    Patrick, the Alliance members are organizations. Taking one name from each organization and conducting a search hardly constitutes an accurate indicator of even just the code contributions they make. e.g. Group has 100+ Notes developers. A number of us, including myself, Tim Tripcony, Chris Toohey, Colin MacDonald (and possibly a number of others) have made contributions of code to OpenNTF. I think you should review the comments posted already (and those that may follow) and seriously consider whether the points you were originally trying to make are in any way valid! I’m sorry someone peed in your cornflakes this morning, but this post doesn’t seem to be a solution to anything.

    • Peter Presnell 2010-December-15 / 6:30 pm

      Oooo.. I used the “D’ word… I should of said Notes Engineers!

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-15 / 8:44 pm

      well Peter, I do not disagree with your opinion. If I were an alliance member I would like to broadcast what my contributions are. At this moment for outsiders this is not clear and therefor discussion of debate. Positive thinkers would consider it as an opportunity to clarify stuff.

      Like I said I do not attack an individual member, I am just questioning each participation. Although this action is misunderstood by some.

      I think it were Carl Tylers’ cornflakes that were pied on, since he is making a judgement on a person…

      • Carl Tyler 2010-December-16 / 6:14 pm

        I still make the judgment you’re a little bitter and twisted about something Patrick, sorry if that offends you, but I doubt it actually does. I still don’t see the point of this post, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it. OK I will return to my cornflakes now, ooh looks like someone made them with banana milk today…

      • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-16 / 10:02 pm

        allthough I hope OpenNTF will continue to be a success ans wish them all the luck I do not feel it’s worth to become bitter or twisted about. I just run some projects there.

        I hope for you the banana color was just sunlight on your milk 😉

  11. Jeremy Hodge 2010-December-15 / 11:54 pm

    Plenty has been said about the members, so let me “attack kitten” another partof your post …. So you refer to “circus” and “aesthetics” as if the advert you highlight is some eye exploding sample of blind drunk monkey design … Have you looked at the internet lately? Seriously? As some one who routinely puts together ad banners for promotions I completely understand the careful balance you have to strike between brand adherence & awareness, non-vomit inducing design, and a call to attention that draws the users eye to (*gasp*) the advertisement. I have to say that TLCC did a fantastic and well balanced job, and there is nothing that OpenNTF could or should do to force change. The point of advertising is to generate ad revenue for the seller (for good reasons Mr. NTF pointed out earlier) and to generate click through’s for the ad buyer. Its got to be a symbiotic worthwhile venture for both, both in concept, execution, and just general “we felt it did its job”idness … so I say well done all!!!! Claws retracted. Thanks.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-16 / 8:21 am


      based on your review I fear we might expect those nasty flash pop-ups in the future? Looking forward to it.

      • Jeremy Hodge 2010-December-16 / 4:21 pm

        Now you’re just engaging in reductio ad absurdum with a twist of snarky to try to prove your point with a logical fallacy. The conversation has become pointless.

  12. Renton 2010-December-19 / 1:05 pm

    Guys guys guys!

    This discussion is a bit way too absurd! In stead of helping Patrick finding answers on his questions you all jump on him like a pack of wolves.

    Not an exquisite example that should demonstrate the proclaimed ‘love in the Lotus the community’…

    In my opinion Patrick has all the right to question the OpenNTF alliance member’s contribution. If your answers would prove why Patrick is wrong than this discussion would not be so absurd as it is now.

    Especially Carl Tylers pseudo psycho analysis about Patrick’s bitterness is a complete laugh and utterly over the top. Shame on you Carl! I could say a lot of unfriendly things about you judging from your picture on Epilio but I am not going to do that =)

    Now back to Patrick’s post:

    I think Patrick’s goal was to have some discussion around OpenNTF (correct me if I am wrong). I also have the feeling OpenNTF behaves like a shady old men’s cigars club. Are there any sessions planned at Lotusphere where OpenNTF’s operations/direction will be discussed? If not, why is that?

    Some of you are on a seat already for a long time and it might be good consideration to step aside and let some new breeze come in and play. It is not the seat that should be the goal of your membership but the willing to contribute.

    C’est ca! Enjoy your Sundays!

    • Nathan T. Freeman 2010-December-21 / 1:51 am

      “Are there any sessions planned at Lotusphere where OpenNTF’s operations/direction will be discussed? If not, why is that?”

      Yes, there is. There also was last year. But this year we are on the agenda as a BoF. IBM is trying to put us in a Tuesday morning timeslot, so the whole conference isn’t hung over, but we don’t have to compete with people giving away free food & drinks. I suppose we can count on your attendance?

      “…OpenNTF behaves like a shady old men’s cigars club”

      I have to confess that I find this remark rather offensive. We’ve worked really really hard to achieve transparency, with open invitations for people to join the Alliance, regular publishing of meeting minutes, and even publishing of phone recordings in the past! (We stopped doing that because it was really difficult and hardly anyone ever listened.)

      If you think the Alliance Steering Committee members have sat too long, join and nominate yourself for a seat. We have annual elections with rotating positions. I can assure you it’s most thankless thing I’ve ever done. You spend hours every week of your own time trying to figure out how to grow the community, and then people sit around accusing you of shady dealings and hiding money that doesn’t even exist. :-/

      In response to the suggestion that members pay monthly dues, yes we have considered it. The problem right now is that we have nothing compelling to offer members in exchange. Just getting people to sign up AT ALL is very difficult, as evidenced by the fact that there are only 15 members in the Alliance, in spite of there being tens of thousands of Lotus customers and partners around the world. So if we turned around and told people to cough up $9000/year, most of them would simply pull their membership.

      People participate in this process because they CARE, not because they get something out of it. I would frequently rather get kicked in the teeth than try to govern the evolution of, but when it comes down to it, no one else is volunteering, and I CARE about the outcome, so I have no choice but to take time away from my family and make sure things happen. It’s the same for all the other SC members.

      It’s real easy to sit in the audience and pontificate about how you’d do things if you were in charge. Leaders get out of the chair and DO IT. So feel free to start doing whenever you’re ready.

      • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-21 / 9:23 am

        Apologies for the offense, but since I am also not getting any younger (or wilder) you could take that remark with a bit of salt. (or it was an ‘age-trap’ to check what club you belong to? *LOL*)

        I see some good ‘young guns’ contributing code to OpenNTF, so maybe there is an opportunity to have them in the team?

        From my own situation I know some companies do not allow it to contribute to open source initiatives. Even if you publish something on your personal name in your free-time, it could be that your employer will use it someday against you as an argument…

        I can not tell what ‘other promotional activities’ alliance members are doing but I presume web advertisement spots are a bit the same. I assume OpenNTF looked at other sites in town for the pricing? $9000 is not that much, especially if you convert it to euros 😉

        If you look in the dictionary for alliance you could read:
        “A close association of nations or other groups, formed to advance common interests or causes.”

        You can always ask the OpenNTF members how they interpret alliance and what the advancement of common interests is worth for them.

        I have seen it in other situations where team-members were convinced that their activities and knowledge were so bloody important and priceless, but in the end the only participant who was not priceless and could be settled by his contribution was the laywer. Simple because he was the only one who was clear to send a bill and state that for X amount of work your pay Y amount of money.

        Maybe an alternative for OpenNTF to create an internal currency and pay each member by the amount of contribution?

        Just a thought.

  13. Raj Kapor 2010-December-19 / 1:13 pm

    Why not stopping contributing to this OpenNTF?

    “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

  14. J. Hofstrand 2010-December-20 / 2:57 pm

    What if OpenNTF would consider

    12 * $750/month = $9000 * 15 members = $135000 as ‘consultancy costs’ per year.

    Would they consider this value for money?

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-20 / 10:10 pm

      hi, yes you could abuse OpenNTF as a channel to broadcast your company’s name… for ‘free’

  15. Harald Deeben 2011-January-10 / 4:39 pm

    The OpenNTF site is quiet a mess. Can’t they fix it?

  16. D. Geelong 2011-January-13 / 10:21 pm

    it seems that banners are becoming trendy again :-/

  17. Viktor Mann 2011-January-14 / 8:37 am

    I think Patrick has a point: Google Code does not have so many advertisement (allthough you would expect it).

    On the other hand SourceForge is screaming with advertisement.

    It could be that too many banners scare people away from OpenNTF and than the banners have lost their purpose.

    You may even question if IBM wants to be related to OpenNTF if it the banners have questionable results.

    So, to my opinion Patrick raises some fair questions. Cheers!

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