Released Bildr 3.0

I have released a new version of Bildr on OpenNTF. It is now possible to upload images via the web interface. For this I received tremendous help from Mark Leusink, so many thanks for that!

Many thanks in advance for those who will download the application and start testing it. In case you report a defect, remember to add the solution also. That will things much easier.

I have no idea what you will think of this release or the earlier versions (better to forget them haha) . Lotus Awards 2011 for ‘Maximizing Value with an Open Source Solution‘ has as criteria:

  • “Wow” factor and completeness of solution (30%)
  • Innovation (10%)
  • Overall business value (30%)
  • Enhancements to boost end-user and organizational effectiveness (30%).

Getting a nomination would be a nice compliment. I opened the nomination form but it seems it is still focused around business partners, not if you nominate yourself on a personal title (my company does not deliver in open source projects) so this is a missed chance. Whatever!

Just offer me a beer at the bar instead!


2 thoughts on “Released Bildr 3.0

  1. Patrick Kwinten 2010-December-5 / 5:30 pm

    I received a message from Peter Tanner, IP Manager for OpenNTF:


    I understand that there is an interest in nominating Bildr for LotuSphere awards. However, projects must be in the OpenNTF Catalog to be eligible for such awards. To be accepted for the OpenNTF Catalog, projects must be free from IP issues and meet some other conditions.

    While I have not done a complete scan of the latest Bildr release, I did have a quick look at it – and see that most of the issues have not been resolved. I also noticed the presence of code from GPL-licensed packages. The GPL does not permit GPL-Licensed code to be placed in a project that is licensed under Apache.

    – it would probably be a good idea to get the issues cleaned up.


    Nice to know in case you would go for a nomination…

    • D. Geelong 2011-January-13 / 10:28 pm

      like the vid…

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