Released Bildr 3.0

I have released a new version of Bildr on OpenNTF. It is now possible to upload images via the web interface. For this I received tremendous help from Mark Leusink, so many thanks for that!

Many thanks in advance for those who will download the application and start testing it. In case you report a defect, remember to add the solution also. That will things much easier.

I have no idea what you will think of this release or the earlier versions (better to forget them haha) . Lotus Awards 2011 for ‘Maximizing Value with an Open Source Solution‘ has as criteria:

  • “Wow” factor and completeness of solution (30%)
  • Innovation (10%)
  • Overall business value (30%)
  • Enhancements to boost end-user and organizational effectiveness (30%).

Getting a nomination would be a nice compliment. I opened the nomination form but it seems it is still focused around business partners, not if you nominate yourself on a personal title (my company does not deliver in open source projects) so this is a missed chance. Whatever!

Just offer me a beer at the bar instead!