9 (Brilliant) jQuery Plugins

For the JQuery lovers among us via CSS globe I bumped on the article 9 Brilliant jQuery Plugins and Tutorials. I noticed Supersized is listed here.

I have included this plug-in for the next release of Bildr so you can lay back and what the images that appear in the slider passing by on full screen. Handy for booths and so on…


IdeaJam – Standard templates by IBM

I have noticed that I am looking more and more less at IdeaJam. Occasionally I leave there an idea in the hope one day IBM will pick it up and look at it.

What’s hot

When I looked at this section Craig Wiseman’s idea ‘Please update the look & feel of the standard templates?‘ sticks out with 228 ‘plus’ votes. I also noticed Mary Beth Raven’s comments in the discussion:

12) Mary Beth Raven (15 Nov 2010)
IBM Lotus is working on one or more updates of the standard templates; I cannot say exactly when they will be delivered.

13) Mary Beth Raven (15 Nov 2010)
Status changed to In Progress

Why is there a secret? There are people (IBM customers) out there that are managing application portfolio’s. Especially since we are preparing development budgets for next year it would be nice to know and kind of IBM to inform what we can expect soon or late with the templates that are shipped with Domino.

I haven’t heard any discussions on the templates in the Design Partner program. Do we like them? How are they tested? Maybe something to pick up by IBM…