Q: How to use an XPage as XML source (RSS)

I noticed that you can specify an RSS playlist for a movie in the JW Player. The playlist should be similar according like this example file.

In my Bildr application I am still relying on a the combination of a view/$$viewtemplate form/webqueryopen agent combination which seems like a deprecated approach in XPages Domino development.

Since I haven’t used an XPage before as an RSS feed I am wondering what would be the easiest approach/implementation?

  • my XPage should be able to take a document UNID as identifier
  • my XPage should perform a search and return a collection with an X number of documents from the same author (channel)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I will also update the RSS feed in Bildr with the solution…

Below an impression how far I have come:

(probably the app will be uploaded on OpenNTF in case I manage to qualify for the IP scan =))


Embedding Flash movies in an XPage

I am currently working on an application to distribute movies across the organisation. Something similar as OpenTV on OpenNTF, but then 99% based upon XPages technology.

The movies I have are curently all in FLV (Flash Video) format which is fine for me.

I have taken a look at HTML5 and video, but we still have many Internet Explorer 7 installations which does not seem to run with HTML5 media Libraries that contain fallback scenarios :-/

Therefor I believe I am stucked for now with an Flash Video based solution.

Since I have no experience at this point with integrating Flash in XPages I wonder if you have any recommendations or sample code?

OpenTV seems to be using a JS Library called Swfobject which seems to do the job just fine…

View filtering – Too many keys

I received a request from a collegue that it would help her if she could display a Notes view on the web instead updating a static HTML table with the same content.

“No prob'” – I said, so I created an XPage with a view table.

Because I like to promote XPages into our company I would like to make the view table a bit more advanced (there are only 5 columns) so I was thinking about filtering options since the view contains approx. 200 records.

I found some nice explanation about applying filter options here and here but after applying more than 2 comboboxes I get already the error message:

Error source

Page Name:/videoconference.xsp


Too many keys

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I am just re-using the script that you can find in the XPages example db:

var vtr:java.util.Vector = new java.util.Vector();
var t1 = requestScope.val01;
var t2 = requestScope.val02;
var t3 = requestScope.val03;

@If(t1 !=null,vtr.addElement(t1),vtr.addElement(“”));
@If(t2 !=null,vtr.addElement(t2),vtr.addElement(“”));
@If(t3 !=null,vtr.addElement(t3),vtr.addElement(“”));
return vtr


Loading an indicator on a partial refresh

This post is a mix from Vince post and what is available in Declan’s fileSendr application available on OpenNTF.

So what do you need?

A JS Script Library containing the following code:

var foo;
function busyBoxON() {
foo = new dijit.DialogUnderlay({dialogId:”waitScreen”,’class’: ‘busyBox’});

function busyBoxOFF(){

Some style definitions in a references CSS file:

div.busyBox {
background-image: url(“uploading.gif”);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: center;
background-color: black;

A funky animated gif.

And the following code under your link, button, radiobutton.. whatever:

<xp:eventHandler event=”onclick” submit=”true”refreshMode=”partial” refreshId=”meetingResults”>



Advertising Opportunities on the OpenNTF.org Site

screaming banner

Some people seem to have their mouth full of IBM’s dedication and delivery to the Notes/Domino platform. Meanwhile OpenNTF is becoming a circus with banners and stuff while others sit on a front,  prime seat and you may wonder what their contribution actually is.

How many OpenNTF projects do we actually see by these allies? Or may we just be happy about their opinions? Ain’t OpenNTF all about code, applications, plugins and stuff?

Here is a quick summary of a search result:





GROUP Business Software








Turtle Partnership

Vince Schuurman


I bet the results will probably miss some references to actual contributions (see that as an opportunity to improve your exposure).

May we challenge you to scan your Notes application portfolio and promote some of the apps to OpenNTF?

I guess, on behalf of the rest of the OpenNTF users, thank you in advance =)