New release of Bildr

Today I have launched a new release for Bildr, an application to distribute images on the web. I have started this project mainly to have an on-going learning experience with web development and XPages in general.

For this release I focused a lot on improving the user-interface, so I watched closely at the oneUI specifications. I find the oneUI user interface contributing to deliver more consistent and professional applications, although I do not agree with all the specifications and sometimes experience conflicts when developing.

What I find lacking in the examples pages are for example Form design. But for this release of Bildr it has been a good experience working more closely with the oneUI theme.

Under the hood I removed the view data tables and changed them for repeat controls. The views in Notes are now also much more light-weighted.

I also added some new features like filter options and user profiles. This user profile will also be used for future web-enabling the upload of pictures. For now you can at least delete documents from your profile.


Help wanted

An application is never finished I guess but for now I will monitor the application and see what support questions come in. Next release will probably be in December.

I also posted some help wanted requests on OpenNTF, feel free to take a look at them and see if you can help me.

So download the app and install it or open it in Designer if you want to learn XPages. See ya!