Embedded XPages form on document – How to get it in edit mode?

For my Bildr app, I would like to change the link to the comments form to an embedded form on a picture document. From a usability perspective it is nicer to be able to write down and post your comment straight from the picture doc.

However I do not seem to manage to get the embedded form into ‘edit mode’. I got all the labels and button but not the inputboxes. Maybe because the embedded form is on a document (the picture document is opened via the ?OpenDocument command) ? (see image below)

The default action for the data is newDocument.

Uhm, Am I doing something wrong here?

Other progress

I managed to squeeze in a profile functionality that was borrowed from the Dennis application available on OpenNTF. So you can create a profile, add a picture to it and some micro information about you. I want to add some functionality here to be able to upload and manage documents…

If you happen to know a nice dojo based carroussel please drop a reference. I have no idea at this point what capabilities the carroussel in the mobile controls project on OpenNTF?


2 thoughts on “Embedded XPages form on document – How to get it in edit mode?

  1. Matt White 2010-October-17 / 10:33 am

    You need to check out the ignorerequestparams property on the data binding, this will allow you to have one binding in read mode and one in edit mode.


  2. Patrick Kwinten 2010-October-17 / 10:41 am

    Hej Matt,
    thanks for helping! Works like a charm now!

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