Bildr was not build in one day

Like Rome Bildr was not build in 1 day. I received quiet some good suggestions (thanks) BUT things go a bit slower than expected (read: playing with UI options take time). So I fear I have to calculate 1 or more days next week to finalize the work.

Nevertheless, there is work in progress. I had to fix quiet some errors (scope variables, sections). Some shots:

Next points of attention:

  • picture detail page
  • startpage
  • menu

I was also thinking about adding a “profile” document for contributors. And make filtering more related to a person. More suggestions are welcome as usual.

Let’s have weekend and collect some inspiration =)


3 thoughts on “Bildr was not build in one day

  1. Patrick Picard 2010-October-15 / 3:29 pm

    Hi Pat.

    This looks great.

    In your app, do you convert the images to thumbnails and stuff (sorry for my lazyness in downloading the app!)

    Im trying to find a way to resize images when they are uploaded by the user (so i can have a thumbnail size picture for their Sametime and a larger one for display in the employee db ie 200px*200px)

  2. Nathan T. Freeman 2010-October-15 / 3:51 pm

    @Patrick – if you download Dennis from, there is an example of auto-thumbnailing images as they are posted. I wouldn’t call it the definitive implementation, but it should certainly get you started.

  3. Patrick Picard 2010-October-15 / 5:09 pm


    Thanks for the lead. I’ll play with it…even though our HR nazis decided we cant have employee pictures along with the employee info. eye roll.

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