A Slidr for Bildr

For the next release of my Bildr app I would like to redo the startpage. Untill now I have not really focussed on it.

The current startscreen is using the Dojo Fisheye plugin but this requires user action before you start noticing it. Also it does not work well with the OneUI (baseline=bottom is I think is used for the content).

In a previous version I included a slider with some nice animation. For the upcoming version I am thinking about using Fancy Transitions, a jQuery based plugin. On this page you can see 2 nice examples of transitions.

So what do you think? Will it make the startpage too busy, or is it just a great opportunity to leave the page open and watch photo’s passing by?

Below you can see a sample screen:


So good for the pre-sale. But can I get it then on Lotusphere instead?


We’re writing about the order you placed on October 06 2010. Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

Martin Donnelly, et al “Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language”

Estimated arrival date: February 25 2011 – April 05 2011

XCMS – How to import extensions?

Last week I had an online meeting with Martin Meijer about his OpenNTF project called XCMS. Martin told me the history of his project and his thoughts about the direction.

Like Martin I have been occupied setting up several websites, professionally and for friends, with Joomla, a free and open source content management system. What I like a lot about Joomla is the capability to extend your instances of Joomla with modules and components. Imagine if there would be a Domino based equivalent of Joomla with a lively eco-system of plug-ins? That would be good promotion for the platform!

I have taken a look at extensions can be written and installed.

One of great things about Joomla! is how easy it is to write extensions for. It is designed to be extended, and there is a large and active community of extension developers. For example, the Joomla! Extensions Directory lists over 5,000 extensions available to Joomla! users.

Extensions allow Joomla! to be used for just about anything that you can imagine doing with a website. Extensions are developed by individuals, large companies, and everything in between.

How do I get started writing Joomla! extensions?

There are a number of useful articles in the Wiki to help you get started. Here are a few:

Different extension types:

Overall index to developer articles: http://docs.joomla.org/Developers

Tutorials for different extension types:


Joomla has it’s own files based installation engine. This made me wonder how we could provide something similar in the Domino world?

  • How would you distribute extensions? As grouped design elements / extensions as jar files / ..?
  • What are the best options for importing extensions into a database?
    • Note: installation of extensions should not require Domino Designer.
  • What are the best options to manage extensions? Again Domino Designer should not be required.

Right now, me and my colleagues do not have the answer for Martin. Or the solution. Maybe there is an answer in this presentation: Ad110 – Unleash the Power of Xpages (not accessible behind our firewall 😦 ). Maybe you have some thoughts

New release of Bildr

Today I have launched a new release for Bildr, an application to distribute images on the web. I have started this project mainly to have an on-going learning experience with web development and XPages in general.

For this release I focused a lot on improving the user-interface, so I watched closely at the oneUI specifications. I find the oneUI user interface contributing to deliver more consistent and professional applications, although I do not agree with all the specifications and sometimes experience conflicts when developing.

What I find lacking in the examples pages are for example Form design. But for this release of Bildr it has been a good experience working more closely with the oneUI theme.

Under the hood I removed the view data tables and changed them for repeat controls. The views in Notes are now also much more light-weighted.

I also added some new features like filter options and user profiles. This user profile will also be used for future web-enabling the upload of pictures. For now you can at least delete documents from your profile.


Help wanted

An application is never finished I guess but for now I will monitor the application and see what support questions come in. Next release will probably be in December.

I also posted some help wanted requests on OpenNTF, feel free to take a look at them and see if you can help me.

So download the app and install it or open it in Designer if you want to learn XPages. See ya!


Embedded XPages form on document – How to get it in edit mode?

For my Bildr app, I would like to change the link to the comments form to an embedded form on a picture document. From a usability perspective it is nicer to be able to write down and post your comment straight from the picture doc.

However I do not seem to manage to get the embedded form into ‘edit mode’. I got all the labels and button but not the inputboxes. Maybe because the embedded form is on a document (the picture document is opened via the ?OpenDocument command) ? (see image below)

The default action for the data is newDocument.

Uhm, Am I doing something wrong here?

Other progress

I managed to squeeze in a profile functionality that was borrowed from the Dennis application available on OpenNTF. So you can create a profile, add a picture to it and some micro information about you. I want to add some functionality here to be able to upload and manage documents…

If you happen to know a nice dojo based carroussel please drop a reference. I have no idea at this point what capabilities the carroussel in the mobile controls project on OpenNTF?

Bildr was not build in one day

Like Rome Bildr was not build in 1 day. I received quiet some good suggestions (thanks) BUT things go a bit slower than expected (read: playing with UI options take time). So I fear I have to calculate 1 or more days next week to finalize the work.

Nevertheless, there is work in progress. I had to fix quiet some errors (scope variables, sections). Some shots:

Next points of attention:

  • picture detail page
  • startpage
  • menu

I was also thinking about adding a “profile” document for contributors. And make filtering more related to a person. More suggestions are welcome as usual.

Let’s have weekend and collect some inspiration =)

XPages question: How to set a value for a checkbox group based on condition?

I would like to set a value for a checkbox group when clicking on a link.

In the example below you see a table on the right. The icons in the header reflect values in check box groups on the left.

I think it will be more easy to understand for users when they could also click the icons. Eventually I could hide the checkboxes in a later stage…

Getting the values of a checkbox is not so hard:

var component=getComponent(“nameOfCheckBoxGroup”).getAttributes().get(“value”);

But untill now I have not found a working example how to set values based upon the condition that a check box group does not has the value. Server-side JavaScript is not my thing right.

Setting the values should be done according the following method (I guess):