Manual: Administrating the Domino Blog template (part 2, still incomplete)

I have described the options to administrate the Domino Blog template a bit further. However it is still incomplete. To make it a bit more attractive to read in the next version I will add descriptions how to alter the layout and how to enable commonly used options and their impact.

20100907 Manual_ Administrating the Domino Blog Template

The further I analyze the application the less in favor I become to offer it as a promoted solution to my customers. Mainly because administration is:

  • messy and spread out over the application
  • hard to understand (also due to technical character)
  • undocumented or not clearified with an understandable examples
  • impacts of options are not clear

I guess too much options has been put into the application which makes the learning curve (too) long. I guess not many helpdesks are likely willing to support this application.

3 thoughts on “Manual: Administrating the Domino Blog template (part 2, still incomplete)

  1. Daniel Recio 2010-September-10 / 9:52 am

    Excellent post.
    We are developing an extended version from the original version. You can see here 20Extended

    Among the things we’ve expanded are the possibility of including DX Custom Tags, and the option Import Export DXL format themes.

    We have created a catalog of themes and plugins

    I would like to take your documentation for inclusion in the project if you want and invite the development of the project.

    Next week we get the version 2.0 with new features such as the incorporation of such WordPress Plugins that will enhance the Blog to infinity.

    One question, why you have WordPress, you need a Lotus hosting?, If you want we can give you an ID and a DominoBlog for your use on our server.

    A Greeting

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-September-17 / 12:28 pm

      Hi, great news you are working on the blog template.

      You can re-use the document if you like.

      I use WordPress mainly for hosting and I have some (personal) side blogs which can be easily managed from WordPress via one entrance.

      Also WordPress offers 2GB of hosting for free so that is a great plus.

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