Looking for Your Help – Polling App for Lotus Domino

Since it is no longer a shame to ask for help I was thinking about posting a similar request. I am looking for a polling application can create simple polls and embed it easily on any web page. After visitors have voted it would be nice to show them some results. I guess you can do some nice thinsg with dojox charting.

I believed I had such an applicatation somewhere in my app library but I can not find it. So I did a simple search on Google and found this and this as possible starting points.

Perhaps you have a polling application you would like to share (finally)?

Thanks in advance, for now I have defined some features and started coding. If something nice will come out of this work I will post it somewhere. Could be nice though to compare my architecture with that of someone else.

Here the wishlist of features:

  • Create poll:
    • Enter title/question
    • Enter answers
    • Multivalue question Y/N -> radiobutton / checkbox
    • Allow other answer
    • Randomise answer order
    • Flag: Expiration (never, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month)
    • Show poll results Y/N
  • show code to embed form after poll creation
  • mail code to embed form after poll creation (if wanted)
  • send notification if poll has expired (if wanted)
  • block repeat voters (probably cookies or ip address)

3 thoughts on “Looking for Your Help – Polling App for Lotus Domino

  1. Eric Mack 2010-August-7 / 11:18 pm

    Hi Patrick, I had a similar need for my Notes on Productivity Poll that I posted today. I found Widgetbox and was able to integrate it into DominoBlog.

    I would prefer a Notes/Domino solution but this one did the job. The link to the OpenNFT app thet Elijah posted above looks interesting, but I do not have the experience yet to create something I can embed with it.

    Here’s the poll I created:

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