HTML Head Content equivalent in XPages?

I am playing a bit with Horace Lin’s example on integrating Google Maps with XPages. For the JS script library geo4.js I would like to remove the hard coded api keys for the domain and the latitude/longitude.

Normally I would have placed this parameters as JS variables in the HTML Head Content section of a form.

“<script language=’javascript’>” + @NewLine +
“var apikey = ‘” + @GetProfileField(“(ProfileDB)”; “Tx_GoogleKey”) + “‘” + @NewLine +

But how do you do that in XPages?


3 thoughts on “HTML Head Content equivalent in XPages?

  1. Tim Tripcony 2010-July-14 / 2:41 pm

    Patrick, there’s an xp:scriptBlock tag. It allows you to programmatically set the “innerHtml” of a script tag.

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