IBM Blog template – DXItemLinkTags question

For a customer I am setting up a blog that uses the combination of categories and tags. In the Tag library I read:

DXItemLinkTags (Content Item Tag)

This tag inserts, as links, a list of the tags assigned to the current document.

The link opens up the archive and filters for all documents with the same tag. You can configure text/html to go before and after the link’s within the configuration documentunder tabs “Formatting > Categories > Basic” and field “Category Link Pre Text/HTML onContent Entries” and “Category Link Post Text/HTML on Content Entries”.

The defaults are spaces for both.

Similar tags:

DXItemTags Does the same thing, however each tag is just text and separated by comma.

DXTechnorati Provides a list of tags assigned, with links to the tag aggregation.

DXItemTags and DXTechnorati work just fine, but the DXItemLinkTags (see image below) is not being translated. Is there some setting I need to alter in the configuration document?


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