XPages and WQO agents – Cardscan app

I would love to rebuild my Cardscan integration application with XPages and make it an OpenNTF project, the only BUT is  that the transfer of the data that comes from Cardscan is done via a WQO agent in LotusScript.

I wonder if there are examples out there that proof it IS possible using WQO agents in XPages? It would save me a hell of a time and probable if it is not possible I would not do the transformation of the app att all (I am not a Java guy).

So hints/demo/code etcetera are welcome…

4 thoughts on “XPages and WQO agents – Cardscan app

  1. Erik Brooks 2010-June-23 / 2:01 pm

    Actually you do have one other alternative, but it’s a serious kludge. And you may not be able to use it due to security constraints.

    1. Create a “temporary storage” database.

    2. Make a copy of your WQO agent called “tempWQO” or something similar. When run, it needs to create a new doc in the temp storage db and create the fields you want. At the end it needs to use the Print command (or system.writer if it’s java) to redirect the user to the XPage, with a CGI argument of the UNID of the temp doc e.g. “.nsf/blah.xsp?temporaryDocUNID=213489328942983498234”

    3. On the links where you want to open your XPage, instead of opening your XPage have your link open the agent, end “….?OpenAgent”.

    4. Modify your XPage to perform an @DbLookup to get the values off of the temporary doc. You will need to track a variable on the XPage that toggles whether you want the lookups to fire on each refresh. E.g. after the user starts making changes you may need to set the variable to FALSE so that it doesn’t keep re-using the temp doc value.

    Hope this helps.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-June-23 / 2:34 pm

      Hej Erik,

      yeah I understand what your are directing too. Not the nicest solution, maybe , but if it will work it works.

      I do not believe security is an argument issue for this application.


  2. Sjef Bosman 2010-June-25 / 10:31 am

    Hi Patrick,

    Have pretty much the same problem here: some jQuery in a form that does an Ajax-call to an existing WQO agent that analyses the CGI-variable REQUEST_CONTENT. The agent produces HTML, to be displayed in a in the browser, as some sort of dynamically constructed form, with on-the-fly fields.

    It’s a lot of code, not written by me, and I’d hate to write it all over again, but now in XPage-style. So it’s not that I am adamant to keep that agent, but what I need is a means to create dynamic forms based on documents with field definitions. I hope that’s also what you’re looking for.


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