Teamroom in XPages & the XPages book

Recent time there have been several interesting discussions regarding XPages templates by IBM and documentation on XPages.

The discussions give a good impression the state we are today in Domino development and the gap that still has to be bridged (by IBM and the community I guess).

What I did not hear mentioned in the discussions is what I saw on a presentation from IBM which you can find here.

It certainly says that IBM is looking at more XPages based applications (an XPages version of the team room template) and also that a new XPages app dev book will be released by IBM Press.

Too bad we cannot take that book with us on this year’s summer holiday…

XPages and WQO agents – Cardscan app

I would love to rebuild my Cardscan integration application with XPages and make it an OpenNTF project, the only BUT is  that the transfer of the data that comes from Cardscan is done via a WQO agent in LotusScript.

I wonder if there are examples out there that proof it IS possible using WQO agents in XPages? It would save me a hell of a time and probable if it is not possible I would not do the transformation of the app att all (I am not a Java guy).

So hints/demo/code etcetera are welcome…

When is the Domino Blog application book coming out?

Well there have been long discussions about Domino as an application platform. Summarized: Mail is just an application and there are some other great applications for the platform, I name here the Blog, Discussion, … templates.

Since Ed closed the discussion I just post some feelings here, maybe it might reach IBM.

Because IBM has positioned Notes mainly as a mail solution, the Mail application has been widely described in multiple user-books, video tutorials and so on.

But what about those other great applications?

Today I received a question from a customer that they want to use categories in the Blog template and if I would like to enable it. Errrrrr……

So I took from the shelf the Blog Template DX Tag documentation (pdf) and went through the configuration documents in the applications. Some options in the configuration are really abacadabra for me and demonstrate that you should not let a developer (sorry Steve) decide how to name the labels for configurable options.

It took me 1 hour to understand the options for using categories at some level but I still have some questions remaining to make it as nice as I want to have it. Enabling options in the Blog template spent should be doable for end-users but in reality it is not. I can not hand-over them the pdf and wish them all the luck.  So that is 1 hour I have to charge them, just to enable an function.

So IBM, if you take Notes serious as an application platform, provide some good free instructions (pdf’s, wiki’s, video’s) that cover the usage and administration of the templates you provide. Throwing templates over the wall (read: posting them on OpenNTF) without good manuals (end-user, application administrator) is very unprofessional and below your level.

ps when do I get to see the manuals for the Blog template?

Embed a response thread in XPages?

For my Bildr project I would like to embed a comment functionality where people can respond on pictures (and respond on the responses). I am wondering what would be the best (+easiest) way to do this? I did not find a reusable ‘response hierarchy’ control on OpenNTF.

David Leedy describes in a post how to create response documents in XPages. Chris Toohey describes how to get a similar embedded single-category view.

But I am wondering if there are any (other) good descriptions or rip and deploy examples? Take the thread from the Discusison template?