Bildr update – Now available on OpenNTF

I have just released a new version of Bildr on OpenNTF.

The web interface is re-written using XPages technology. It gave me a good introduction of the obvious capabilities of the technology. Too bad for this version I did not manage to offer a complete of the previous version. So that you may expect in another release.

General impression of XPages

Development of basic things (view containers, custom controls, making properties dynamic)  goes quiet fast. The non basic development can be a pain in the ass or time consuming.

While this application does not benefit the dynamic interfaces so much I can imagine myself the advantages above the previous development methods in Domino. But it is clear: there is no way back to developing pre-xpages in the future. The possibilities there are just too limited.

I got a lot of help from everyone writing about xpages examples in the blogosphere, so thank you for that! What I am hoping is that IBM extends the Designer Help database with more examples of the @functions and so on…

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