Preview of Bildr project on XPages

Some may think I am lazy. Well I personally think I am just very busy with all kinds of things. Last month I moved to a nice old quarter in town and last week I paid a visit to the Netherlands were I met some people I started a masterclass Lotus Notes with in 1997.

(well I was already skilled in Notes development one year earlier – time flies)

Being alone at home due to some vulcanic activities in Iceland I decided to slowly pick up my Bildr project on OpenNTF and try to find out what work still needs to be done to XPagify it (new verb here?). Well most work is done now (view display, document display, layout, search) there is still some work to be done in the header with a decent login/logout but then I am really done for phase 1!

Here is a preview:

I have already collected some nice ideas for phase 2 based upon JQuery plugins, mainly to give some some alternatives how to present the pictures (gallery style) and some improved navigation. So that is something to look forward to working on.

Next activity is filling the bath with hot water and reading a workshop on Composite Applications. Enjoy your evening!


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