IBM Lotus Knows how to screw up your day at the office – .provisioning_rc not found

Today I totally wasted my whole day trying to get Lotus Notes re-installed after it suddenly ‘died’ yesterday. The program did not want to start in standard mode, Designer and Adminstrator client ran OK.

During installation I receive the error message ‘.provisioning_rc not found… blabla’ and the installation quits. Cleaning any reference in the registry and files on the system just won’t help.

So a big ‘FU’ to IBM Lotus for destroying my day at the office. What a crappy software that does not allow to be re-installed! I wonder how many iPods Apple would still sell if you could not re-install iTunes.

IBM Lotus Knows how to screw up your day at the office.

Ps any help is welcome, allthough it will do little good right now due to travelling.

6 thoughts on “IBM Lotus Knows how to screw up your day at the office – .provisioning_rc not found

  1. Chris Miller 2010-April-8 / 5:54 pm

    I think you are missing something if Admin ahnd Designer were able to run effectively. Did you try a repair? Simply uninstall? Delete all the files, even in your Windows profile area? Did you have a plug-in installed?

    There is quite a few things to check

  2. Patrick Kwinten 2010-April-8 / 10:02 pm

    I removed and cleaned everything according to instructions by Nathan Freeman:

    Then I installed Notes client only, which worked fine. Then I installed the other clients and the composite application editor each after the other.

    Trying to install the clients all at once seemed to cause the problem allthough I can not and rather would not like to check this one more time. But after at least 10 attempts the method above worked 😕

    So all by all I wasted about 8 hours getting everything working again.

  3. Alex Herciu 2010-April-22 / 4:31 pm

    I lost half a day trying to find a workaround. What worked for me:
    – removed all user profiles
    – uninstalled antivirus (symantec)
    – logged in with local Admin account
    – installed using setup.exe from a local partition
    finally no .provisioning_rc not found… error

    Final conclusion:
    IBM should stick to making fine hardware and leaving software to others!

  4. Mayank Johri 2011-September-9 / 9:01 pm

    n some rare cases error occurs when upgrading on windows

    In some rare cases, IBM Lotus Symphony might fail to upgrade from previous release, the error prompts “provisioning_rc not found” or “RCP Base Plug_in not found”. The reason is that: User Data or files of IBM Lotus Symphony are corrupted or locked by other programs.
    Uninstall previous IBM Lotus Symphony, and then install the new release again. Please also ignore any error messages during the uninstallation process.


  5. Ed 2011-September-23 / 12:40 am

    instead of multi-user, try single-user mode. that worked for me.

  6. Agustin Osorio 2012-May-30 / 2:05 am

    Just Login as local admin, and run it in elevated mode… i wasted a whole day trying to get it working.

    Stupid IBM.

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