Developing XPages – IBM Material

I have no idea if the following files were intended to make public, anyway they contain a good introduction and exercise in understanding and developing in XPages technology:

Developing XPages – Part I

Developing XPages – Part II

Developing XPages – Part III

Developing XPages – Part IV

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Specialized in IBM Collaboration Services since 1997. Main focus is XPages and Connections development. Other interests: travelling, culture, skiing & cooking.

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6 comments on “Developing XPages – IBM Material
  1. christian says:

    what’s about “MyLabFiles”?
    can you make it public, too?


  2. Tim Clark says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I am going to have to ask you to take this post down. This material is clearly marked as copyright IBM. And seeing as I helped write the original content that Matthias has adapted, I feel duty bound to ask you to remove it from your website.
    If you have Matthias permission to post this. Please can you ask him to contact me.
    If you want to link to this content, which is already online in the wiki, then please feel free to do that.
    Tim Clark
    IBM, Lotus Technical Enablement EMEA

  3. Tommy Valand says:

    @Tim/IBM: I find it a little bit odd (though I’m hardly surprised) that IBM copyrights it’s technical content.

    There are hundreds of bloggers spending their free time sharing technical knowledge about IBM’s applications, because IBM sucks (big time) at documentation.

    Pleace cease and desist keeping “your” developers in the dark.

    Tommy Valand
    IBM Customer, Lotus Unofficial Technical Enablement

    PS! If you know that it’s in the wiki, it would be polite to send a couple of links along with the cease and desist..

  4. Steve Mason says:

    @christian – The lab files can be found here:

  5. […] have experienced that IBM has some problems linking to their material that lies out in the open, but I hope this post does not cause the same kind of trouble. I also […]

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