My second OpenNTF project

Today I have posted my second project on OpenNTF (@Vince: now I may rest for the next 5 years?). It is an application that I have posted before on this blog but now I made the time available to make some minor modifications and upload it to OpenNTF so it will probably be shared a bit more.

Another reason for starting the project on OpenNTF was that I received a question if the database could be shown in a presentation about design option in Lotus Notes.

About the project

This application can be used as the default template for new development projects for the Lotus Notes client.

The database is intended for Notes 7 / 8 audiences using the Notes Basic Client (no support for composite application). With a minimum of graphical elements (images) the database looks similar in both client versions.

The template is kept clean at a minimum BUT provides a simple, flexible, attractive framework to distribute your Forms and Views with/in.

The template provides 2 sample forms that demonstrate several layout options you can use:

– 1 or 2 column layout
– labels and input fields besides or below each other.

The example forms try to re-use design principles that can be found throughout the PIM applications in Notes 8.

Some thoughts

I like the concept of composite applications and the Java views in the PIM applications. However I can imagine that these techniques are not widespread in a lot or organizations (both with developers and with supporting Notes client installations).

So I assume the usage of old-fashioned frames in Notes client oriented will be common practice for a while, also because it gets a lot of things done in a short development time , even when it has its limitations.

Another thing what I have not seen is branding in composite applications. I would like to see some good examples about the options here, so I would be thankful if you could share me some samples / screenshots.

With XPages support in the 8.5.1 Notes client I wonder how far I will actually come, using Java views and so?…

6 thoughts on “My second OpenNTF project

  1. Karl-Henry Martinsson 2010-March-9 / 10:43 pm

    I tried to open the .NSF using Domino Designer 7.0.2, but got the message “Invalid NSF version”.
    Of course, the work-around is to put the file on a 8.x server and open it from there, but I only have 7.0.x servers at work…
    Could you resave it in an older ODS?

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-March-10 / 9:23 am

      sorry but I do not have an installation of Notes 7 remaining on my PC…

      • Karl-Henry Martinsson 2010-March-10 / 5:51 pm

        Could you compact it using the option to revert to an older version? Can be done from the Admin client… I would love to look at the database.

      • Patrick Kwinten 2010-March-12 / 12:57 pm

        I opened the database in Designer and compacted the database but the ODS version stays 48…

  2. Wayne 2010-March-10 / 1:56 am

    Cool! I had downloaded the older version of this app just to see how it was put together.
    If you include UI ideas from Nathan Freeman and Chris Blatnick it’s possible to get some fairly advanced applications put together.

    • Patrick Kwinten 2010-March-10 / 9:23 am

      which ideas do you refer to? I guess some have been already ‘borrowed’…

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