Bildr project – The progress so far # (2)

After a couple of more days playing around in Domino Designer my XPagification of my Bildr project is showing off results which I will share here.

For those who have assisted me with code or hints I salute, ofcourse.

Some screenshots so far:

Image: Startpage. 77%ready (missing calendar picker + login/logout routine)

Image: Notes view.

Image: Picture document

Image: lightbox on XPage.

Work to do:

  • Calendar picker for startpage
  • Link tag cloud to Notes view
  • Search function
  • Commenting on documents
  • Login/Logout in header
  • … probably lots more …

Conclusions so far:

  • XPages offers more options for configuring the behaviour of the application.
  • Some ‘basic’ features like restrictocategory demands some more time as usual.
  • Disabling the rendering of XPage tags is a pain in the ass.
  • The mandatory closing of elements within XPages is a bigger pain in the ass (read: demands additional design elements to create)
  • Developing new functionality is probably much more fun than re-building the same functionality but then in XPages
  • Readers here are very kind with help =)

One thought on “Bildr project – The progress so far # (2)

  1. Declan Lynch 2010-March-8 / 11:29 pm

    Feel free to look at the login/logout function in xTalk and I think Steve released a login/logout custom control at some stage in the past.

    Or wait for the nice sliding login control I’m building 😉

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