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Yesterday evening I googled a bit after a Domino based RSS aggregator, in simplier words: a Lotus Notes application that can read multiple RSS feeds and store items as individual documents.

The application has to be installed on a server and the collection has to take place there, cause I am not looking for a ‘personal RSS reader’. I want to avoid that I have to distribute the feeds with every update.

I think it will also be nice to be able to show latest contributions from a central spot (think Planet Lotus or portal page).

So the feeds I will have, now an application who collects the items and can display the collected results in one interface.

Well what did I find?

The View had 2 articles building such an application (only part 1 was of interest):

https://www.collaborationseminar.com/eview/VOLR6.nsf/0/D7D2D0B463D1B2B185257043006FD87A (part 1)

http://nd8seminar.com/eview/volr6.nsf/8fa81fda2203b051852573d0005631ff/28ea51b11f116ac885257091005a8335?OpenDocument (part 2)

But the example application provided just causes a ‘variable not set’ message.

OpenNTF has some offerings:



(Not working, signed the design, I could not even add a new feed due to a javascript error)



Web based, have not tried it since it is pretty out of date with updates.

Pavone offers an RSS reader but I do not understand the text:

It is FREE for personal use in the Lotus Notes Client environment.

Well please mention what it does cost if I put it on a server?


Ian Irving offers a news aggregator on his site, but I am not able to get it running:


Steve Castledine had a project (ProjectDX RSS) for a Feed Reader for IBM Lotus Notes Domino. The database does it job. I am not sure what it supports (RSS 2.0, Atom?)…


Jakob Majkilde offers freely a full blown application called Notes RSS Reader 1.0 (supports only RSS 1.0?) which does it’s job pretty well:


Good job done here!

Ashok Hariharan offers on his website a Domino News Aggregator but also here it fails, so this demands some further investigation:


Finally Manfred Dillmann offers a good working RSS aggregator but you have to buy directly 10 licences and I am not sure if you can run it on a server?



There is some more investigation to be done. Have I missed a product or (free) offering?

Well at least it gave me some ideas about what kind of system I am after (not project vulcan). Probably it will become a ‘steal with pride and improve’ initiative and share it on OpenNTF…


Others did some investigation already before:


7 thoughts on “Enterprise RSS

  1. Nathan T. Freeman 2010-February-9 / 2:54 pm

    Y’know, you could simply ask a chef from one of the OpenNTF projects to help. What was the Javascript error you got on Dennis?

  2. Patrick Kwinten 2010-February-9 / 3:27 pm

    okej thanks for the working link. I can post the errors on OpenNTF, no worries.

    actually I am looking for a more chronological order of feed items, not per feed per category.

    but good food for thoughts though!

  3. Thilo Hamberger 2010-February-9 / 5:06 pm

    We had exactly the same problem and going thru the firewall was a nightmare. We ended up using a RSS2EMail service and building a Mail-in DB. So simple and so effective. 🙂

  4. Ingo Erdmann 2010-February-9 / 7:32 pm

    The enterprise (server based) deployment of PAVONE NewsReader is licensed per user. Please let me know the number of licences you need and I will send you a price quote.

  5. Stuart Bogom 2010-February-10 / 10:23 pm

    I’ve been looking for the same thing for a few years. I cobbled together some pieces to get something working, but I’m not happy with it. I’ll be watching OpenNTF for your contribution!

  6. Epoxy Floors : 2010-October-28 / 5:02 pm

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