Create breadcrumbs (Notes)

The following code lets you store breadcrumbs on a document, based upon the parent-child relation.

Function GetDocumentCategory(doc As notesdocument) As String
Dim session As New notessession
Dim db As notesdatabase
Dim node As notesdocument
Dim Category As String
Set node = doc

Set db = session.currentdatabase

Do While node.isResponse
If node.isvalid Then
Set node = db.getdocumentbyunid(node.parentdocumentunid)
If Category = “” Then
Category = node.Title(0)
Category = node.Title(0) & “\” & Category
End If
End If

GetDocumentCategory = Category
End Function

Call the function somewhere, for example the querysave event on a form:

Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)
Dim doc As notesdocument
Set doc = source.document
Call doc.replaceitemvalue(“Path”, GetDocumentCategory(doc))
End Sub

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