Maintaining the universal identifier when copying documents from one App. to another

I received an incident that some documents where removed from an application in production. Since it was not sure when the documents where deleted and what other changes have occured in the application the quickest way was to quickly copy the documents from the recovery database back into the production database.

Unfortunately the documents are being linked on our intranet so a copy and paste action would modify their universal ids.

This code will reset the universal ID to the one of the original even though a copy is being made via an agent:

Sub Initialize

Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace

Dim destinationDb As New NotesDatabase( “ServerName”, “directory\application.nsf” )

Dim uiView As NotesUIView

Set uiView = ws.Currentview

Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection

Set dc = uiView.Documents

Dim orgDoc  As NotesDocument

Dim newDoc  As NotesDocument

Dim junkUNID As String

Dim dontWantThisDoc  As NotesDocument

Set orgDoc = dc.GetFirstDocument

Do Until (orgDoc Is Nothing)

Set newDoc = orgDoc.CopyToDatabase(destinationDb)

junkUNID = newDoc.UniversalID

newDoc.UniversalID = orgDoc.UniversalID

Set dontWantThisDoc = destinationDb.GetDocumentByUNID(junkUNID)

‘Call dontWantThisDoc.Remove(True)

Set orgDoc = dc.GetNextDocument(orgDoc)


End Sub

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